Relationships on
Planet Earth:

Real World Advice From A Well-Intentioned Human

You were born to be in relationships. You literally couldn’t survive without them. Human beings are born helpless, and remain dependent on others longer than any other species. Whether you’re an introvert, an extrovert or a mix of both, you’re hardwired for connection. Your relationships started with your earliest caregivers— maybe your parents. Then they expanded to include other people in your world, such as other caregivers, siblings, grandparents and extended family, friends, teachers, mentors, romantic partners, employers, colleagues, and, if you have them, children.

Most important is your relationship with yourself. That includes all the ways it feels to be you - your self-judgement, self-esteem, interests and passions, sense of purpose, worries and fears, struggles, friendships, romantic life, gender and sexuality, parenting and caretaking, relationship to your body, disappointments and losses, joys and triumphs— and so much more.

Here you’ll find my current thoughts on a wide range of issues. Some entries will be geared to everyone, some to a smaller group (say, parents or divorcing couples). Use the search function to narrow things down. I hope what I write will be helpful. My style is direct, but non-judgmental and non-preachy. After all, we’re just trying to do and be the best humans we can on a complicated planet.