Navigating Emotional Currents – Book Review

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Book Review
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A wonderful review by Kevin R. Scudder for Lisa Herrick and my book – Navigating Emotional Currents in Collaborative Divorce:

Reading a book as an interdisciplinary practice group provides enhanced value and greater understanding of the material. I recently had this experience when our weekly practice group, Cypress Collaborative Solutions, read Kate Scharff and Lisa Herrick’s book, Navigating Emotional Currents In Collaborative Divorce.

I am a Collaborative Attorney and Mediator and I read the book with that experience and training. Not having had extensive training in psychology or child development, those parts of the book that were based on that education, training and experience were not as easily accessible. The fact that I had people around me with that background, however, meant that by the end of the book I found all of the material accessible.

The organization of the book is one of its strengths. READ MORE – Navigating Emotional Currents In Collaborative Divorce – The World of Collaborative Practice | The World of Collaborative Practice.