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The term “Parenting Coordinator” is confusing, as it has different meanings to different people and in different contexts. Here are some interpretations of the role:

  • To help parents to craft a parenting plan (Custody Agreement)
  • To help parents to fill in gaps in a parenting plan that remain following a negotiated settlement (i.e. a holiday schedule, or a communications protocol)
  • To advise parents who are considering divorce in making a plan for the timing of their separation and/or for talking to their children
  • To help separated or divorced parents to decrease conflict, improve communication, and co-parent more effectively
  • To help separated or divorced parents to make decisions about their children, particularly when they disagree or are at impasse
  • To give advice to separated or divorcing parents on parenting across two households

Most of my Parenting Coordination clients come voluntarily, either on the advice of their attorneys or because they have identified the need themselves. A few others come because the services of Parenting Coordinator have been ordered by a judge, or because a Parenting Coordinator has been written into a consent order.

Regardless of which of the above services you seek or how you are referred, our work together will begin with a conversation in which we clarify your needs and the potential scope of my role.

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