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Separation, Divorce & Co-Parenting

Divorce is hard. After all, you’re not just married to a person, you’re married to a life that includes much more than legal, financial and parenting concerns. And if you didn’t initiate and don’t want the divorce, things will be harder still. But when divorce becomes inevitable, your family will do best if you have someone to guide you through it who knows the perils of the court-based, attorney-driven, win/lose approach. I am dedicated to a non-adversarial, client-driven, child-focused approach that attends to the needs of all concerned, preserves emotional and financial resources, and sets everyone on the path to a good adjustment to living in two homes.

Over the course of my career, I have developed expertise in many aspects of separation and divorce. I have trained as a divorce consultant, divorce coach, parenting coordinator, mediator, Collaborative Divorce Coach, and Collaborative Divorce Child Specialist.

Divorce Consultation

Divorce is scary and confusing. You’ll have to make important decisions at a time when you may find it hard even to put one foot in front of the other.

So if you’re feeling frustrated, pressured, at sea, or unclear about what services you need or want, I’m not surprised. Many individuals and couples who are considering separation, have decided to separate, or have already separated or divorced, come to me for help sorting through their concerns to develop a plan that makes sense. It’s part of my job to listen carefully, and to use my experience and expertise to help you figure out where and how to start. So if you already have a clear idea of what you’d like to work on, we can dive right in. But if you don’t yet know what questions to ask, that’s ok too. click on the link to the right to read some common questions I hear about separation and divorce.

Common Questions



Many separating and divorcing parents (as well as parents who have never been married) come to me for help crafting their parenting plan.

Some come on their own, while others are referred by enlightened attorneys or attorney mediators who know that a mental health professional (with a background in family systems and child development, as well as expertise in separation and divorce) is best qualified to help craft a plan that will be in your child/ren’s best interests, now and into the future. Sometimes a couple will work with me independently of any legal process. Other times we work in parallel or in collaboration with a couple’s attorneys and/or mediator.

Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative Divorce is non-adversarial, out of court process that offers divorcing couples the opportunity to maintain control over the restructuring of their family.

In Collaborative Divorce spouses hire specially trained attorneys who are committed to helping the couple find mutually agreeable solutions to the challenges they face. The couple also has the option to hire mental health and financial professionals, who are similarly dedicated to helping them to identify and accomplish their goals. The process is based on transparency, compromise, cooperation, compassion, integrity, and a commitment to stay out of court. I serve as both a Collaborative Divorce Coach and a Collaborative Divorce Child Specialist.

Divorce Coach
Child Specialist

Parenting Coordination

Parenting Coordination

Most of my Parenting Coordination clients come voluntarily, either on the advice of their attorneys or because they have identified the need themselves.

A few others come because the services of Parenting Coordinator have been ordered by a judge, or because a Parenting Coordinator has been written into an agreement. Regardless of how you are referred, our work together will begin with a conversation in which we clarify your needs and the potential scope of my role.

About Parenting Coordination